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Our Partners


MindShell with RDT-Jetro. RDT-Jetro is a Application Virtualization Company, known for its Jetro COCKPIT Product line. The RDT group is well established IT technologies group since 1963. COCKPIT4 is distributed in over 20 countries by authorized distributors, resellers and integrators. COCKPIT4 is the worlds first enterprise solution for virtual Web browsing for unmatched security. Jetro COCKPIT4 (For Server-based Computing SBC) Considered the best alternative to Citrix Presentation Server (XenApp) for more than 5 years. A full end to end, Server based Computing platform Jetro COCKPIT4 (For Enterprise Secure Web Browsing) Server-based, Enterprise Secure Web Browsing Solution. The first network security solution on the market that allows users to browse the internet while port 80 at the firewall remains closed. COCKPIT4i allows web browsing to take place without exposing the enterprise network to malware from the out side world.
For free demonstration, please contact us at or Call us at 9999658253


MindShell with Propalms. Propalms Inc is a US based publicly listed Company (OTCBB.PRPM). With over 2000 customers worldwide, 5,00,000 concurrent users, and partners globally, Propalms is now recognized as a fast growing player in the Server Based Computing and Virtual Desktop and Virtual Private Network Market. The Proplams TSE product is designed to suit the needs of all sizes of organizations from 5 to 50,000 plus users. Propalms TSE is an intricate management tool and was developed over a period of three years at a cost estimated to be $30 million. It is functionally comparable to a similar product developed and sold by the market leader Citrix Systems Inc. Customers have found TSE to be easier to use, faster to implement, cheaper to maintain than other similar software, which is important to small and medium sized companies or government offices as well as large enterprise organizations that are looking to reduce their IT infrastructure costs.
For demonstration of Propalms, please contact us at or call at 9999658253