Industrial Solutions

Automotive Industry

Mind Shell helps organizations manage manufacturing functions optimally and improving efficiencies by implementing

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Textile Industry

Textile industry is one of the oldest industries and have seen major technology revolutions from hand looms to state-of-the art weaving machines.

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Real Estate

Mind Shell offers expertise to implement ERP solution in real estate infrastructure development.

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Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Responsiveness to market demands, achieving operational efficiency leads to increase in profits.

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Tiles Industry

Helps Tiles Industry to Improve Warehousing and Inventory.

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We’ll give your business chance to grow!

Sales & Implementation partner to Microsoft

MindShell InfoTech Pvt. a Premier Sales & Implementation partner to Microsoft. Team at MindShell is having an experience and expertise of Navision ERP solution package implementation in various industries which includes: Discrete Manufacturing Industries, Process Manufacturing Industries, Trading, and Import Export (EXIM).

ERP Implementation Services

Vast experience in ERP implementations with a motive to provide total satisfaction to Customers your organization with value that extends across your operations and helps you: Integrate and centrally store financial, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, project management, human resources, and services information.

MindShell Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a company formed by two business consultants having rich experience in ERP Implementations at various levels and varied products in an even wider industry segments. Mind Shell began the practice of an efficient ERP Implementation partner with a common motive to provide services of international standards at an Indian cost. A core Senior Management with more than 100 man years of working experience in various Industries and adequate IT experience manages Mind Shell with common objective of making every Customer “Happy and Satisfied”. Total Satisfaction of customers is an ongoing drive at Mind Shell. The resources of the Company are committed to achieve this with their wealth of experience. Senior consultants of Mind Shell have past experience of more than 20 years of working in different type of industries in India and have thorough knowledge and experience of implementing various ERP solutions. The strength of Mind Shell lies in its focused approach on only one business. Mind Shell has only and only one motive i.e. to provide quality services to all their customers all the time and to give value for their time and money.

Company Vision

"To Grow with all our Happy Customers"